Top 5 Wedding Songs That Wedding Band Should Play At Your Wedding

Every person wants to have a memorable wedding day and that everyone remembers the food, decoration and the amazing wedding songs that were played in their wedding and about the wedding bands in Birmingham that was hired to play the songs.

Some people hire wedding bands to play their most favorite songs so that all the attendants enjoy, cheer and can even dance at the wedding ceremony. Deciding the songs that would be played at your wedding is a bit difficult job. So hiring a wedding band for your wedding ceremony is not an easy job, first you have to search about the best wedding bands in your town…so before booking a band for your wedding search for one of the popular industry band.

Things to consider when hiring a wedding band are:

Before hiring a band you should know that how large a band group should be, how many the people are attending the ceremony, the type of music you like, the venue in which the wedding takes place and most importantly your budget. It’s fun to watch the band live and some band is expert in playing jazz then others, a band with 4 members would be enough. When hiring a band for wedding ceremony it is important that the band should play music at every moment of the wedding like when bride and groom enter the venue and it should be involved efficiently in the whole wedding…

Wedding band hire Birmingham:

There is no doubt that thousands of couples have married in Birmingham, there are some stunning venues in Birmingham like Aston hall etc. there are some amazing wedding band Birmingham which offers rock bands or extraordinary soul bands etc.. Apart from beautiful houses, shopping areas the city has also gain popularity in music, there are some of the best Birmingham wedding bands that can be hired, and they provide best music live entertainment in the weddings. So wedding band hire in Birmingham plays the bests song on your wedding 

Top 5 wedding songs that wedding band should play at your wedding are:

  1. “Marry me” by Bruno Mars

This is one of the best song that can be played at your wedding. This song comes under top 100 songs that are usually played in the weddings.

  1. “Thinking out loud” by Ed Sheeran

This is also a very amazing song and it beats Bruno Mars “marry me”.

  1. Michael Jackson’s  “Bille jeans” and “beat it”

Modern wedding couple didn’t forget the old songs, as it is very much enjoyed by the attendants and by the couple itself and the beats of this song push you to dance.

  1. Whitney Houston (I want to dance with somebody)

It is also one the best wedding song and it comes under top 5 wedding songs.

  1. “You belong with me” by Taylor swift

This song is also very popular at weddings. It’s very romantic song and everyone likes it so much.

So when Bands For Hire From Apollo Live in Birmingham you should take one preview of the songs that are going to be played in the wedding ceremony.

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